339 adventure//epic fail of the day :]

February 6, 2010

so today was:

  • walking in the rain
  • umbrellas
  • wet smelly bus rides
  • ghetto bus stops
  • walking in ghetto neighborhoods
  • ramenya
  • waiting outside in the rain for ramen
  • seeing japanese business men eating ramen lolol
  • gigantic steaming bowl of miso ramen
  • free corn tea
  • beard papa’s and sour coffee
  • eyeing the cute beard papa’s employee :)
  • expensive japanese mart and frozen takoyaki
  • getting lost and walking 3 miles in the rain
  • “we are really far…are you crazy???”
  • accidently walking all the way to century city westfield mall
  • epic fail of the day~
  • using apple store to find our way back. thank you apple! i know i liked mac’s for a reason.
  • crazy lady talking to us, and then talking to herself
  • finding out that even though i love rain, me +wet converse+wet jeans+cold wind blowing in my face do not mix.
  • pissy bus driver
  • eventually reaching our dorm sweet dorm. hallelujah!
  • stripping off wet clothes
  • hot shower
  • ::BEEP BEEP:: fire alarm while i’m taking an effing shower…WOW seriously??? FML
  • waiting outside with no bra
  • dorm sweet dorm again!
  • snuggling up in my bed :)

hehe, i love our 339 duo adventures :)


One Response to “339 adventure//epic fail of the day :]”

  1. Haha! Love how you simplified all that into 28 points while I wrote an essay! :D

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