February 8, 2010

i’ve realized that relationships are investments. i’ve heard this before but i sort of let it wash over me. but  now, i’m beginning to really understand what it really means. relationships (and not just boyfriend girlfriend relationships) are hard work and require sacrifice. for example, sometimes you have to sacrifice your time for a person whose going through a difficult time, even though you’re friggn busy yourself. in other words, relationships require that you spend your time on someone else instead of spending time on yourself. people make this investment because having a friend/someone you can talk to is better than being all by your lonely self. plus, having no friends = being a loser. :( but recently, i’ve learned though that some people aren’t worth that investment. i read a quote before that said: “never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option”. this is so true. when someone considers you as an option, it’s probably wise to just sell your stocks and invest your time elsewhere.  time is probably the most precious commodity because 1. its limited and 2. once its gone, you can never earn it back. therefore… it’s really critical that people choose their relationships wisely because, as harsh as this sounds, some people aren’t worth your investment.

that said, i’ve also realized how much i need to improve myself. i have so many areas that i need to grow in so i can be a better person and friend.

and from now, i’m not wasting my time with relationships that aren’t worth it anymore. :(


15 Responses to “relationships”

  1. Skinnyfatty Says:

    True that… true true that.

  2. The Review Says:

    If you’ve seen Up In The Air with George Clooney, he has some great lines about relationships. They are like baggage that weigh us down, every single one we have. It’s up to us to balance it out

  3. guide4goofs Says:

    something so simple, yet many people, even the “smart” and well educated do not realize. what is it you realized you need to do to be a better friend? will you write about it?

    • susanqxu Says:

      thank you for stopping by! haha as for your question i was going to write about it, but i got lazy and just left it at that when writing this blog. your comment reminds me that i should take the time this weekend to reflect on myself and come up with a plan to form real changes. haha as of right now, i feel like isolating myself so i can devote my time solely on me me me lol, and find out who i am or what my identity is….if that even makes sense..haha

  4. bedroomtails Says:

    This has just basically summed up what i’ve been thinking about my so-called-best-friend…
    I loved the quote
    “never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option”
    my friend is all about the boys and im sick of her using me as a time filler when she has no man to tide her worries!

    • susanqxu Says:

      hey thanks for stopping by! hahaha i’m in the exact situation as you. i just decided it wasn’t worth being friends anymore, since all she really cared about was some dumb boy.

  5. These words are so true. Unfortunately sometimes we find out a little too late that we were an option and not a priority. Partners can hide these things so well. I think it’s so frustrating when you do invest your time and heart into something, to find it’s all lies. Choose carefully x

    • susanqxu Says:

      hi thanks for the comment!!…and yes it IS frustrating! i feel you on that…i’ve become really bitter about relationships in general, but like you said…we have to choose carefully, and keep working toward building those healthy relationships…

  6. It’s very natural and quite easy to become bitter after being hurt and lied to habitually. Since we cannot change other people however, we can try to figure out if there are a few small changes we can make to improve our current relationships or position us to make better choices in the future.

    We very well may have made the best choice we could have given who we were and what we knew at the time. Going forward, our job is to continuously improve ourselves so that we come to relationships wiser and still able to be trusting, and available for intimacy.

    Keep up the great work here.

    Michael Williams

  7. stitchintimesaves9 Says:

    this is true dear…u said it i can relate to it as i was an option of someones life…thanks relationships should be looked forward as investments…NIKETO CARLOSKAR…

  8. kyesubire Says:

    this is so lovely to read since i wrote something similar this week…i like the line ”never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option” it is so true that we need to not only assess thos we hang with but ourselves too. i find that journalling has helped me recognise the hard times and move on to other things and be happy.

  9. Jenn Says:

    Great Post. I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you. Jenna

  10. Most important and hardest part of having successful relationships (even though I know this very hard to follow and I find myself slipping sometimes)

    *You must be of the mind that it is more important to be happy rather than be right.

  11. rachelkovacs Says:

    For some fun advice from an 87-year-old, cigar-smoking women whose been married 17 times and runs from the cops, check out She gives advice on life, love, and careers….with a twist.

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