i am small

March 13, 2010

it seems that as i get older i get, the more i become aware of my own insignificance. and by insignificant i don’t mean a hopeless, i’m-useless-and-won’t-amount-to-nothing kind of way. instead, i guess i’m becoming aware of how little i really know, how much there is to know, and how i will never learn all of it. i’m also beginning to acknowledge that despite all my humanly efforts, i’m going to meet challenges that are bigger than me…and that sometimes even if i do everything right, there are some things beyond my control that can come and kick me in the butt. but it’s also important  to know that a person can control most things about their lives if they’re smart.  however, living life requires faith and hope that all your little efforts will lead you somewhere.


culinary bucket list~

March 8, 2010

thanks to my fatty roomie i’ve become more obsessed with food~ hehe, and since i deactivated my facebook, i waste most of my time looking at food blogs or recipes. there are sooo many foods i wanna make now haha i’m always like ooooh i wanna make this! or ooooh that looks so deng good. i should make this for somebody. or ooooh i should learn how to make this so i can make it for my future husband hahhaha~~i don’t even want a husband, but these recipes make me want somebody that i can cook for AHAHA. anyway, with so many good recipes, it’s hard to keep track of what i want to make though…so i’m posting this blog mainly for myself so i can remember all the recipes i want to make before i die HAHA. shoot~


-smoked salmon and eggs benedict

-asian trout with bok choy over jasmine rice

-steak (check- it was too well done though blech~ :[ )

-honey walnut shrimp

-beef noodle soup

-cute bento box for future husband LOL :D



-deconstructed strawberry shortcake


March 6, 2010

mcdonald’s gets a lot of bad press for its unhealthy, bad quality, but oh-so-delicious processed fast food. its been attacked as the reason for the 33% rate of obesity in the united states. there’s even movie, which i’ve never seen and never will see, called supersize me that is dedicated to promoting the artery clogging properties of america’s favorite fast food. the guy in the movie apparently died from eating nothing but mcdonald’s for a month. (seriously??!) basically, when we think of mcdonald’s, we think of some fat guy with man boobs, muffin top, and buttocks drooping from the sides of his stool.

despite all this, i am a fan of mcdonald’s.  i think these days, mcdonald’s is really trying to promote a more healthy image by improving the quality of their food. they’ve made changes such as using REAL ALL WHITE MEAT CHICKEN in the chicken nuggets (haha but this makes me wonder what they used before). they’ve also added items to their menu such as the fruit parfait, snack wraps, apple dippers, salads, and more for their weight conscious consumers. i’m also a fan of mcdonald’s DOLLAR MENU<3 iono about you, but when i get a whole meal for 3 dollars (double cheeseburger and fries with sweet tea), i’m a happy camper :]..

but the one thing i LOVE most about mcdonald’s is their coffee. the quality of mcdonald’s coffee is amazing and, in my opinion, even superior to starbuck’s coffee. mcdonald’s coffee has a nice roasted flavor that is strong but not overpowering. i also like mcdonald’s coffee better than starbuck’s because it doesn’t have that strong sour aftertaste that starbuck’s coffee always seems to have. plus, mcdonald’s is coffee is cheaper and reasonably priced when compared to starbuck’s outrageous prices. mcdonalds therefore wins in both quality and quantity in terms of its coffee

some of my other favorite mcdonald menu items are the:

-sweet tea

-chicken nuggets

-chipotle bbq snack wrap with crispy chicken



-oreo mcflurry

gahh making me so hungryyyy~~