culinary bucket list~

March 8, 2010

thanks to my fatty roomie i’ve become more obsessed with food~ hehe, and since i deactivated my facebook, i waste most of my time looking at food blogs or recipes. there are sooo many foods i wanna make now haha i’m always like ooooh i wanna make this! or ooooh that looks so deng good. i should make this for somebody. or ooooh i should learn how to make this so i can make it for my future husband hahhaha~~i don’t even want a husband, but these recipes make me want somebody that i can cook for AHAHA. anyway, with so many good recipes, it’s hard to keep track of what i want to make though…so i’m posting this blog mainly for myself so i can remember all the recipes i want to make before i die HAHA. shoot~


-smoked salmon and eggs benedict

-asian trout with bok choy over jasmine rice

-steak (check- it was too well done though blech~ :[ )

-honey walnut shrimp

-beef noodle soup

-cute bento box for future husband LOL :D



-deconstructed strawberry shortcake


One Response to “culinary bucket list~”

  1. Hey! Who you calling fatty? You’re not very innocent yourself on this topic either!

    P.S. You got to love how I respond to this… nearly 3 months afterwards…

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