June 30, 2010

Today, I was waiting to leave the parking lot of the Ralph’s in Westwood. For those who don’t know, the parking at this ralph’s is validated, which means you had to have a validated ticket to leave the lot. I was waiting for quite awhile until I started wondering why the line of cars wasn’t moving. I looked to the front of the line and saw a silver toyota corolla whose owner apparently couldn’t get the gate to open. After several minutes of waiting, I (as well as the other people waiting to leave) started to get impatient. A few of the cars in line started obnoxiously honking. I was more passive and didn’t honk, but I thought to myself what a retard the person in the front was for holding up the line. One man got out of his car and started harassing the silver toyota owner. The owner of the silver toyota then got out of his car to go get help, which is when I saw that the owner was a really old man with white hair (and wearing a khaki blazer –cute old man lol). I immediately felt bad for being so angry at him. Surprisingly, people were still honking and I was like “dudeeee guys, it’s an old man! stop honking and being so rude :(” to myself. Then, a young man drove by, saw the situation, and gave the old man his validated ticket. I felt really guilty that I didn’t think of doing that first. That young man’s act reminded me that sometimes we need to stop caring only for ourselves, and be decent human beings. We were getting angry at an old man for goodness sakes, and no one was willing to help him until that young man showed up.  I was reminded of that commercial by Liberty Mutual where someone sees someone else do something good, is inspired, and then goes on to do something good which someone else sees and also becomes inspired. It’s so true, seeing that young man’s kind act inspires me. In fact, he inspires me to do more than a single kind act, he inspires me to be a responsible and decent human being.

“One small act of kindness, can make a world of difference”


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