Hanako Robot

March 5, 2011

As an aspiring dentist, this video was pretty interesting. According to this site, the robot allows dental students to get pre-clinic exposure before actually working on a real life patient:

Hanako can open and shut her mouth, wiggle her tongue, salivate, sneeze, and vomit. Using touch sensors to detect the mistakes of practicing students (lol), Hanako rolls her eyes in discomfort, or verbally expresses pain using phrases such as “That hurts!”

I find the robot to be a lil creepy, but its definitely a cool piece of technology. (Japanese people, why are you amazing with technology?). I’m not sure how useful this would be in training dental students though compared to just using regular ol’ manikins. But, I guess this would probably take away some of the stress of working with a live patient for the first time.