so today was:

  • walking in the rain
  • umbrellas
  • wet smelly bus rides
  • ghetto bus stops
  • walking in ghetto neighborhoods
  • ramenya
  • waiting outside in the rain for ramen
  • seeing japanese business men eating ramen lolol
  • gigantic steaming bowl of miso ramen
  • free corn tea
  • beard papa’s and sour coffee
  • eyeing the cute beard papa’s employee :)
  • expensive japanese mart and frozen takoyaki
  • getting lost and walking 3 miles in the rain
  • “we are really far…are you crazy???”
  • accidently walking all the way to century city westfield mall
  • epic fail of the day~
  • using apple store to find our way back. thank you apple! i know i liked mac’s for a reason.
  • crazy lady talking to us, and then talking to herself
  • finding out that even though i love rain, me +wet converse+wet jeans+cold wind blowing in my face do not mix.
  • pissy bus driver
  • eventually reaching our dorm sweet dorm. hallelujah!
  • stripping off wet clothes
  • hot shower
  • ::BEEP BEEP:: fire alarm while i’m taking an effing shower…WOW seriously??? FML
  • waiting outside with no bra
  • dorm sweet dorm again!
  • snuggling up in my bed :)

hehe, i love our 339 duo adventures :)


February 5, 2010

there’s so much goodness in simplicity. today, i was eating the most delicious panini that was comprised of the simplest ingredients: grilled chicken (probably marinated in italian dressing), melted cheese, tomatoes, and spinach between two grill-pressed slices of foccacia bread. (heavenly~) i seriously believe that the best/most delicious recipes are most often the simplest ones.

the same can be said about life. or maybe it’s just me, but i beginning to learn that i find the greatest pleasure in simple things. :)


ohh i think i know why i’m so happy today. it’s because of a boy. ahahaa of course :]. so today was my first day volunteering at the dental center, and it just so happens that the dental student working there is really cute. i’m trying to convince myself he did kinda like me BECAUSE he knew my name and i didn’t even tell him my name, so i’m guessing he saw me write it in the scheduling calendar last week. also, when i was leaving he was like “so….i’ll see you again *looks at volunteer calender* the 23rd??” ehehe…what what cute dental studenttt??? you want me to come back dontcha??? jkkay

but then again, he’s probably observant because he is training to be a dentist, which explains why he remembered my name. and, he probably is just wondering when i’m coming back because he needs volunteers….SIGH. :(

my new obsession: vintage

February 3, 2010

there’s something so nostalgic about seeing vintage clothing. i especially love zooey deschanel’s quicky vintage attire. it’s so classy, and sophisticatedly feminine.

ahhhh i want.