February 8, 2010

i’ve realized that relationships are investments. i’ve heard this before but i sort of let it wash over me. but  now, i’m beginning to really understand what it really means. relationships (and not just boyfriend girlfriend relationships) are hard work and require sacrifice. for example, sometimes you have to sacrifice your time for a person whose going through a difficult time, even though you’re friggn busy yourself. in other words, relationships require that you spend your time on someone else instead of spending time on yourself. people make this investment because having a friend/someone you can talk to is better than being all by your lonely self. plus, having no friends = being a loser. :( but recently, i’ve learned though that some people aren’t worth that investment. i read a quote before that said: “never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option”. this is so true. when someone considers you as an option, it’s probably wise to just sell your stocks and invest your time elsewhere.  time is probably the most precious commodity because 1. its limited and 2. once its gone, you can never earn it back. therefore… it’s really critical that people choose their relationships wisely because, as harsh as this sounds, some people aren’t worth your investment.

that said, i’ve also realized how much i need to improve myself. i have so many areas that i need to grow in so i can be a better person and friend.

and from now, i’m not wasting my time with relationships that aren’t worth it anymore. :(